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Bohemian Vibes

Feel one with nature with this collection of organic cotton, natural dyes, and earthy print that will make you feel one with nature. Escape your day to day routine, and check into a tranquil serene paradise with this collection

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Market Days


"Market Days",  is the inspiration for the collection, and the name of the brand. Markets gives insights to a culture and their community, so this was my focus when visiting my fathers side of the family from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Radiant tropical colors, busy prints, tribal antiques are true to this culture and this collection.

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  • Sustainable from fiber to end of life with our circular production process

  • Made to order by local artisans, made to fit you

Note from the Founder

From West Africa, to the Caribbean, then New York City, Aforieke represents the unity to this trinity. Traditional West African garments with a Caribbean twist, and New York elegance is what you will get from each look. Distinct prints, colors as rich as each cultures' histories, and fabric so soft that even when fully clothed, you will feel naked is what you will see and get from each collection. Our garments are made to order, sustainably sourced, sewn by West African artisans in New York City, and uniquely made for you. Come experience the magic when West Africa, Caribbean, and New York City unite.

Jade Nwachukwu - Founder and Creative Director

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