Our Story

Aforieke (Ah-for-ee-kay) is a sustainable West African-Caribbean inspired women's resortwear brand. Experience vibrant colors richer than each cultures' histories, distinct prints, and fabrics so soft that even when fully clothed you will feel naked. Timeless staples paired with unique pieces creates an unforgettable look; let us join you on your next adventure.

Sustainability is more than a passion or trend, it is a way of life rooted in West African and Caribbean cultures. With both cultures being the heartbeat of Aforieke, that includes being sustainable in the production process. Certified sustainable or organic fabrics are sourced for each collection, with cleaner dyeing and organic finishings. All garments are made to order to reduce over production, with fabric waste minimized by using every piece into each garment. Aforieke takes pride in creating quality clothing that leaves a positive footprint in the world.


Jade was born and raised in the Bronx to a mother from Ghana and a father from Nigeria. The former model and FIT Fashion Business graduate decided to create a brand that will pay homage to her West African background, her Caribbean influenced neighborhood, and her passion for explorations.

The name "Aforieke" is a combination of three out of the four market days from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Sometimes, people are named after the market day they are born. Her mother was born on "afor", herself on "orie", and her daughter on "eke", with the 3 generation of women creating Aforieke. The logo is inspired by an Adinkra symbol from Ghana, called the "bese saka" symbol which represents abundance, affluence, and unity. Aforieke represents the affluence of West African women, the abundance of culture and traditions of women passed down from generation to generation, and the unity of West African and Caribbean women.